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Organizing Committee:

Round Table 40 Lugano International Service Club

President:                                     Walter Lisetto          +41 79 4138177
Vice President:                            Carlo Regondi
Technical/Handbike:                Michele Vodola
Finance:                                         Simone Biagi
Track:                                              Luca Maspoli e Carlo Regondi
Safety:                                            Ivan Casartelli
Logistic:                                         Thommy Ghielmetti
Hospitality:                                   Boris Manzoni, Yuri Calignano e Hugo Haab
Pasta Party:                                  Alessandro Viri
Staff:                                                Thommy Ghielmetti, Alex O.
Sponsoring:                                  Walter Lisetto

Lugano Bike EmotionCycling event

Roberto Mazza
Vanni Merzari
Michele Nasi
Flavio Rusca


Jury Swiss Cycling:

President:                           Edy Zellweger

Finish line:                          Donata Rogantini
Bike check:                         t.b.d.
The race is organized by Round Table 40 Lugano and is subject to the regulations of the Swiss Cycling Federation and the technical provisions of the ECH.

Security:                                                   Polizia Città di Lugano
Medical Service:                                                      Croce Verde Lugano
Timing:                                                   F.I. Cronometristri sez. VA
Pasta Party:                                                  Nümm da Lügan


Twinning with Varese race of the 24th september 2017

The Round Table CUP is twin with “3 RUOTE INTORNO AL LAGO” , the race held at Varese (Italy), that will start on Sunday the 24th of september at 09:00: www.il-giro-del-lago-di-varese.it

The Athletes partecipating in both the races will benefit for a discount of 10 CHF / 10 Euro that will be refunded in cash at the end of the Varese race. The simply inscription without partecipation in the competition will not entitle You to any refund.