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Sunday, the 23rd of september 2018, Lugano, Switzerland

In collaboration with the bicycle event “Bike Emotion” (, the race if the 4th stage of European Hand Bike Circuit (EHC), organized by European Handcycling Federation (, and the track is long about 4 km, beside the longlake and the center of Lugano. A map of the circuit is enclosed in this rulebook. 

Due to the large number of participants, the race will be divided into two different contests lasting 60 minutes + 1 lap (“Criterium” race).

After 60 minutes of the race, when the absolute leader passes the finish line, the bell will ring to warn athletes of the beginning of the last lap. Once completed the last lap, all the athletes are required to stop and the race will end.


Sunday 23 settembre 2018

8.00: Route closed to traffic.

from 8.00 to 10.30: License check, assignment of race number, delivery of

  bibs and chips at Liceao Lugano 1

8.15: technical meeting in Piazza Manzoni with C.O., Swiss Cycling referees and

Team managers

8.00 – 8.30: track test cat. H1-H2-H3

8.30 – 9.30: race start of the EHC race cat. H1-H2-H3

9.30 – 10.00: track test cat. H4-H5 and Open

10.00 – 11.00: race start of the EHC race cat. H4-H5 and Open

12.00 Route open to traffic

12.00 Award Cerimony (RT Cup and EHC Final) at Centro Esposizioni, piazza Rezzonico

Registration procedure:

Are eligible to take part in race all the athletes regularly affiliated to

society recognized by national federations. Swiss citizen non-members can participate by requesting, on-site the day of competition, an UCI license to Swiss Cycling.

The standard registration fee for the RT Cup is chf 40,00 for athletes registered by the

31.08.2018. As from the 01.09.2018 the enrolment fee will be 50,00 chf.

The entries deadline is on the 16.09.2018.

Registration for the RT Cup Lugano can be done following the instructions found on the web site or with this LINK. 

The organizing committee may refuse any non-deemed appropriate inscriptions. With

the registration the athlete declares to be physically fit in order to participate at the

scheduled races.

For any further information write to .

Eligible categories and rankings: 

At the end of the race the Jury will publish a ranking divided into the following


H1 – H2 – H3 – H4 – H5 – Open male and female (M/W).

The race is valid as the 3rd event and 4th raceof the European Handcycling Circuit (EHC). All participants will receive a microchip for the electronic timing that will determine the rankings (suppy by Crono VA). Participants are obliged to return the chip after the race, otherwise the payment of the microchip (chf 25,00/Eur 25,00) will be required.

Anti-doping rules:

The race is held under the Swiss Cycling rules and all the anti-doping regulations will be applied.

Jury and liability:

In case of disputes or complaints about the behavior of athletes during the competition or the award of prizes, the Organizing Committee will also count on a Jury designated by Swiss Cycling consists of 3 Commissioners chaired by a President who will coordinate with the Organizing Committee to ensure the smooth running of the event in accordance with this Regulation. For safety reasons it is compulsory to use the color of the helmet corresponding to its

category and the rear safety bar. It will be forbidden to exploit the wakes of opponents of different categories and/or escort vehicles on the race track. Participants assume all responsibility for all risks arising from participating in the event, thus releasing the Organizing Committee, the Partners and its expressly designated representatives, in case of falls, contacts with other athletes, spectators, vehicles or other. The organization shall not be held responsible for any damage to persons or property which may occur before, during and/or after the event.

Amendment of the program

If the Organizing Committee and the Jury experience special situations such as to undermine public order or safety, they may at any time decide:

-to change the track

-to change the duration of the race

-to change the categories or the starting time in the event of a large attendance of Athletes

-to change the timetable and the categories group

-to cancel part of the race

In case of a racing event that could lead to alter the regular execution of the race and/or the final ranking, each and every decision will be made by the Jury in agreement with the Organizing Committee